Fighter J-20


In China, talked about the benefits of J-20 over Su-57

In China, they say that the J-20 fighter has advantages over the Su-57 and F-35.

J-20 Chinese aircraft from the fifth generation will continue to patrol over the islands, which are disputed by other countries. This is the Spratlys and Diaoyu Islands.

A few days ago, four J-20 fighters from the Chinese Air Force carried out patrol flights over the southeastern Chinese waters.

Chinese experts noted that the operation of the first aircraft, which went to the series and belonging to the fifth generation, made in China, revealed shortcomings. In subsequent production, they will be eliminated. Chinese media have noted that the first samples of J-20 are already superior to the American F-22 and F-35 in basic parameters. They are also superior to the Su-57, which is to be put into service in the Russian VKS.

Chinese media publications state that J-20 has the uniqueness of its aerodynamic concept. It is different from the one that is present in the American F-22 and F-35. As for the Russian Su-57, it has excellent aerodynamics, but it has no real “stealth” technologies.

The PRC experts also speak positively about J-20 also because it has excellent aerodynamic parameters, as well as inconspicuous presence. The J-20 has a version of the air-to-air PL-21 universal rocket. The SINA edition notes that this Chinese rocket is superior to the P-73 and AIM-120 AMRAAM. Armament J-20 such missiles increased its combat power.

As for the flaws, they concern the engine. Now on J-20 put Russian power plants. Re-equipment of the aircraft with Chinese engines is planned for several years.

To begin with, let yourself be shown in combat conditions, and then boast. The Yankees with F35 are already fucked up !!! And our fingers in Syria showed everyone!