Nuclear tests


The DPRK has experienced high-tech tactical missile

In the DPRK conducted tests of new high-tech tactical weapons.

As follows from the information provided by the DPRK media, against the background of the fact that the United States refuses to lift sanctions, despite Pyongyang’s refusal to continue the development and testing of nuclear weapons, a high-tech tactical weapon capable of hitting stationary targets was tested at one of the sites. up to two thousand kilometers. According to experts, in a similar way, Kim Jong-un threw a serious challenge to US President Donald Trump.

“The DPRK realized that a complete rejection of the development of strategic and tactical weapons will not affect the improvement of relations with the United States. On the other hand, Kim Jong-un is quite interested in peaceful relations with the Republic of Korea, as a result of which we are talking exclusively about a tactical rocket ", - the analyst underlines.

Why we are talking about high-tech weapons, is still unknown, but experts believe that the DPRK has developed a new technology that allows you to accurately strike at land and sea objects at distances from a few hundred to several thousand kilometers.