Bomber B-52


The Kremlin responded to the "attacks" of American strategic bombers

The Kremlin commented on the flights of US bombers.

In recent days, American bombers repeatedly flew near Russian borders. According to the press secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, such facts create additional tension, however, the spokesman is convinced that “From a military-tactical point of view, only our military specialists can comment here”. Sands sure that they can do it right.

A spokesman said that such actions by the United States do not ensure the strengthening of the atmosphere of security and stability in this region (the Baltic Sea), which is directly adjacent to the borders of Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Defense 21 March published a video that captured the Russian strategic bomber B-27 escort Russian Su-52 over the Baltic Sea.

As follows from the data presented, the American plane imitated an attack on Russian ships. The same maneuver was carried out by B-52 and on Monday, the seventeenth of March. True, that day the Boeing B-52H Stratofortress imitated the attack of the base of the Russian Baltic Fleet. At the same time from St. Petersburg, he was at a distance of 191 kilometer.

During the last week, the United States carried out strategic bombers to the UK. In total, six B-52 and B-52H were transferred. All of them landed at Fairford airbase.