In Krivoy Rog, a man-made accident at a coke plant


In Krivoy Rog, a man-made accident at a coke plant

In Krivoy Rog in Ukraine, an accident occurred at the Coke and Chemical Plant, which led to a large-scale release of pollutants into the atmosphere. The city was covered in thick smog, causing serious concerns for the health of local residents. According to a local source, the accident occurred due to an emergency shutdown of the plant's production capacity.

According to reports, the emergency shutdown of production facilities led to the uncontrolled release of harmful substances, which caused a sharp deterioration in air quality in the city. The authorities of Krivoy Rog quickly responded to the incident, issuing recommendations for local residents to stay at home and not open windows in order to minimize exposure to harmful substances on health.

Local first responders are on the scene trying to clear up the aftermath of the accident.


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