Crimea warned France against sending troops to Ukraine

Yuri Hempel, head of the Crimean parliament's committee on public diplomacy and interethnic relations, warned France against sending troops to Ukraine, calling such a move a potentially "huge historical mistake" by President Emmanuel Macron. In a commentary to RIA Novosti, Hempel expressed the opinion that such a decision by Macron would lead to “socio-political and economic shock and collapse” for France and emphasized Russia’s readiness to respond to any aggressive actions directed against its security and sovereignty.

These statements come amid reports that the EU has agreed to create a “ninth deep strike coalition,” in which Ukraine will receive medium- and long-range missiles. Macron stated his intention to do everything possible to ensure that Russia “does not win this conflict” and mentioned discussions with Western leaders about the possibility of sending ground troops to Ukraine, although no consensus was reached on this issue.

Hempel was critical of Macron's statements, comparing his rhetoric to "the rhetoric of a war criminal" and expressed the opinion that history has not taught the French leader to avoid such mistakes. According to him, the introduction of French troops into Ukraine will result in “one hundred percent defeat” for them.


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