Plane crash


Su-27 fighter crashes in Crimea - second disaster in Russia in XNUMX hours

In Crimea, a Su-27 fighter crashed.

A few minutes ago it became known about the crash of a Russian fighter in the Crimean peninsula. A combat aircraft of the Russian VKS carried out a planned flight, however, at some point the fighter unexpectedly disappeared from the radar - according to confirmed data, the aircraft crashed into the sea.

Information about the death of the Russian pilot has not yet been officially confirmed - according to some reports, the pilot still managed to leave the plane before the latter collided with water, however, it has not yet been found, while other sources report the death of the crew .

The exact purposes of the night flight of a Russian combat aircraft was carried out - it is not reported, however, American reconnaissance aircraft were previously seen in this area, and therefore, experts do not exclude that the flight was connected with an attempt to intercept, although there are no confirmations on this subject so far what not.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation does not comment on the incident, which raises a lot of questions about the causes of the crash.

This is the second plane crash involving Russian military aircraft in a day. So, a few hours earlier in the Tikhoretsk region, the L-39 plane crashed, as a result of which the cadet on board was killed.

Of course, everyone has it, everything can be seen on the locators if there is no interference, or the height is small.

It’s strange. 21st century, and communication with planes is unstable, there should be audio and video accompaniment of each flight and aircraft.


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