Minsk held a race on helicopters

In Minsk airport held Borova race on helicopters.

The competition program provided for the speed distribution of cargo at specially defined points along the entire path of the designated route, and not the last place in this competition program was given to accuracy, since it was necessary not only to get to the designated point as quickly as possible, but also to carefully reset the load.

Professional pilots cope with the task in the shortest possible time - 45 seconds, but the Belarusian sportsmen, among whom the show business stars were also seen, took a lot longer - from 2 minutes 30 seconds or more.

During the speeches, the audience, and according to's data, there were not so many helicopter races, they could see helicopters Mi-2, Robinson R22, Robinson R44 And dr, whose pilots quite confidently coped with the tasks, but considering more likely amateur skills, to the professional level still did not hold out.

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