Air Force of China


In the sky over Chelyabinsk seen Chinese fighters

The inhabitants of Chelyabinsk noticed in the sky Chinese combat aircraft.

As follows from the information received by the portal, the residents of the Chelyabinsk region were frightened by the appearance in the sky of a large number of military aircraft, which obviously do not belong to the Russian VCS. As it turned out, we are talking about the combat aircraft of the PRC of the PRC, who arrived in the Chelyabinsk region for large-scale international exercises "Peace Mission-2018".

As explained in the Russian military, in all, 12 Chinese military aircraft, including transport aircraft, fighters and fighter-bombers, arrived at the exercises in Russia.

"As part of the air group - two multi-purpose fighter Shenyang J-11, four fighter-bomber Xian JH-7 and six multipurpose transport aircraft Shaanxi Y-9", - the press service of the Central Military District informs.

In the framework of the forthcoming exercises, the Chinese military, together with representatives of other countries belonging to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), will jointly solve various tasks aimed primarily at ensuring security.

In total, more than 80 aircraft and helicopters are expected to be used in military exercises, with the solemn start of military maneuvers scheduled for 24 August.