Aircraft F-117


One of the most secret American aircraft was photographed in the sky over the USA

Over Nevada photographed one of the most secret American aircraft.

American photographer Steve Lews was able to photograph in the sky over the US state of Nevada one of the most secret aircraft of the USAF - F-117. One of these aircraft was shot down over the territory of Yugoslavia, however, despite this fact, this strike aircraft is still of great interest to potential opponents of the United States.

It is noteworthy that officially the F-117 strike aircraft have long since been written off, but only from the beginning of the current year at least 7 flights of these aircraft were recorded, which does not exclude the possibility that in reality, the aircraft is still in service, and by several months earlier it was reported that F-117 took part in strikes on the territory of Syria, which, however, has not yet received official confirmation.

Previously, there was unconfirmed information that the US is trying to create a successor to the F-117 aircraft, and the ongoing flights are nothing more than testing new systems.

Despite the fact that these shock machines are rarely, but still fall into the lenses of cameras, there are no official comments on this matter from the Pentagon.