Cessna Aircraft


In German Hesse, the plane drove into the confusion of people

Light engine aircraft rammed a crowd of people.

According to information provided by the German media, this afternoon in the German city of Fulda, the Cessna 172, a small light-engined aircraft, flew and crashed during a flight. It is known that the pilot tried to make an emergency landing, but lost control, crashed into a crowd of people, killing at least three people.

Witnesses of the tragedy declare that during the flight the aircraft had an engine failure - while landing, the aircraft engine was not functioning. The pilot of the aircraft tried to make an emergency landing, however, due to disturbed control, he accidentally flew into a crowd of people.

"It was terrible. We could not help the victims. ”- says an eyewitness to the tragedy.

It is known that the child was killed as a result of the fall of the aircraft.

At the moment, the German police are trying to find out all the circumstances of the crash that caused the death of people on the ground, while there is information that the owner of the aircraft did not carry out maintenance of the aircraft, however, no official confirmation of this data is available yet.