Collision of planes and helicopters


In Nepal, the plane collided with two helicopters, there are victims. Video

Nepalese plane collided with two helicopters

The plane Let L-410 rolled off the runway and rolled out into the parking lot. There he crashed into a parked helicopter. In the accident, one of the helicopters broke in half, the second received minor damage.

There was no cargo or passengers on the plane. He was just starting a return flight. That is, only crew members suffered. One of the L-410 pilots and two police inspectors died. The co-pilot of the plane and the crew of the Manang Air helicopter were injured. This car just landed. The wounded were immediately transferred to a hospital in Kathmandu.

The cause of the accident is not reported. It is noted only that at this time the visibility was above the minimum. As the Nepali Times edition reminds, Summit Air (the airline that owns the aircraft) has already had several incidents with L-410 aircraft that have lost control of the runway.

Experts note that numerous victims were avoided only by a miracle.

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