Nizhnevartovsk Airport


In Nizhnevartovsk urgently villages plane en route from Moscow to Tokyo

Passenger airliner Moscow - Tokyo forced villages in Nizhnevartovsk airport.

The commander of the passenger aircraft Airbus A330 was forced to make an emergency landing in the air port of Nizhnevartovsk because of the significantly deteriorated state of one of the passengers of the flight. According to the information portal, the 20-year-old citizen of Japan felt unwell, as he immediately informed the crew members, however, since his condition did not cause any concerns, it was initially decided to continue the flight. However, for some time the condition of the young man seriously deteriorated, in connection with which it was decided to perform an emergency landing.

It is noted that, after landing at the airport in Nizhnevartovsk, the young man was admitted to a local hospital, but about its current state any specification available.

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