UN and Turkey


The UN knew about the use of chemical weapons by militants in Syria

The UN facilitated the use of chemical weapons by militants in Syria.

Representatives The United Nations possessed information that Turkey was supplying chemical poisons to terrorists in Syria, however, not only didn’t they take any measures to counteract this, they promoted the use of chemical weapons against civilians.

According to the statement of the Permanent Representative of Syria to the UN, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Syria to the UN Bashar Al-Jafari, the transfer of chemical weapons was carried out under the auspices of Turkish intelligence, and the United Nations is aware of this. At the same time, the UN is not even trying to take any measures against Turkey, including turning a blind eye to the actual invasion of this country in Syria.

UN officials have not yet commented on the statement by Bashar Al-Jafari, however, this fundamentally changes the situation, since the participation, at least indirectly, of such an organization as the UN in aiding terrorists and Turkey is a very serious blow to the status of the organization.

“Such silence clearly indicates whose interests the UN actually represents. Obviously, they will try to hush it in every possible way, however, it is quite obvious that Syria itself had no interest in using chemical weapons against its own population ”, - the expert notes.

Such allegations must be supported by unbroken evidence. Otherwise, it will turn out, like in one "bazaar woman" - highlie likes.


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