Patrick Shanahan


At the Pentagon, the F-35 fighter was compared with excrement

According to "Politioco", referring to sources in the US government, Acting Defense Minister Patrick Shanahan during a highly significant meeting did not complain about the program for creating the F-35 fighter aircraft, declared as the fifth-generation military aircraft.

Shanakhan, as the source reports, in particular, said that the company "Lockheed Martin", engaged in the implementation of the program, does not know how to complete it. He himself called F-35 an obscene word translated “shit” (“crap”).

It may be recalled that earlier, being at the position of Deputy Head of the Pentagon, Shanakhan, as reported by the same sources, during the meetings called the F-35 program untenable. As for Lockheed Martin’s director general, Marilyn Hewson, the deputy head of the military department spoke about him, not being embarrassed in expressions.

Shanakhan is sure that the plane turns out to be too expensive, and to such an extent that the costs cannot be secured. As for the company involved in the fighter, then, according to the former deputy head of the Pentagon, the company Boeing could have done everything better.

It is possible that Shanahan knows what he is saying. Still, prior to the military, he worked for 31 for a year at Boeing Corporation. However, the variant of his personal attachment to this corporation is also possible.

And yet, despite the criticism of the Minister of Defense, flavored with indecent words, it must be admitted that he is right about something. F-35 Lightning II - the most expensive program in the production of weapons in the United States. At the beginning of 2019, it almost took half a trillion dollars. At the same time, the aircraft was put into operation seven years later than it was stipulated by the stipulated terms. In addition, after the fighter was commissioned, he had several unforeseen problems.