A beacon coordinating Ukrainian drones was found in a forest near Moscow


A beacon coordinating Ukrainian drones was found in a forest near Moscow

A suspicious military radio station was found in the forest near Pushkino along with a suitcase. It is possible that this find has a connection to Ukraine, which could likely be used to coordinate the drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

A suspicious radio and suitcase were found in Pushkino, a suburb of Moscow. According to information from the Mash Telegram channel, radio amateurs suggest that this device could be used to control drones from Ukraine.

A military radio station was discovered in the town of Pushkino near Moscow, which likely served as a beacon for controlling Ukrainian drones. According to radio amateurs, this station can be used to combine Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). There have been no official statements from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense on this matter.

A local resident, walking with his dog, discovered a device and a suitcase, presumably from the times of the USSR. The radio station was taped to a pine tree with tape, and on the receiver itself there were inscriptions in English. However, the man decided not to touch the suitcase, fearing possible mining. He immediately reported these findings to city chat members, who called the police.

Emergency services confirmed the discovery of a radio station and a suitcase in Pushkino, as reported by RIA Novosti. After a local resident was called to the scene at around 18:20 p.m., security experts, including dog handlers, investigated the suspicious find. The dog did not detect any explosives; the suitcase was empty. The radio station was seized for research.

Recently, on April 18, police found a warehouse of ammunition and small arms in the private home of a 55-year-old resident of Ista, Moscow region. The man was detained, and a criminal case was initiated against him under Article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Illegal acquisition, storage and transportation of weapons and ammunition”).

On April 3, in the apartment of a previously convicted 35-year-old resident in the village of Obukhovo, Moscow Region, police found ammunition that he kept in a closet.

On April 2, the FSB prevented the import of large explosives hidden in church utensils and Orthodox icons from Ukraine. The explosives were captured in the Pskov region.

On March 27, law enforcement agencies managed to stop the arms supply channel to Bashkiria. As a result of the “test purchase” operation, three manufacturers were detained.


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