Nuclear strike


In Poland, they were horrified to learn that the hypersonic “Dagger” would blow half

In Poland, they appreciated the Russian hypersonic “Dagger” and were horrified.

Until recently, only criticism was sent from Poland to Russian hypersonic weapons, specialists, evaluating the capabilities of the Russian dagger hypersonic missile system, were in indescribable horror, since only using these missiles could Russia destroy half of the country.

The Defense24 news publication claims that the term “hypersonic” describes the Russian missile system too poorly, since, in fact, the missile moves along a ballistic trajectory, although it is launched from an air carrier. Nevertheless, according to experts, the Russian X-47M hypersonic missile is "unstoppable", and if its interception is unsuccessful, one direct hit can easily destroy the largest military installations in the country, and in the case of a massive attack - even half countries.

Most of all in Poland, they fear that a hypersonic missile system may be equipped with nuclear warheads, as a result of which the damage of one hit will increase tens of times.

It is noteworthy that the launch of a hypersonic missile can take place thousands of kilometers, and today Poland does not have the means to establish the current position of the rocket at a safe distance.

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Well, have you listed the countries of the "whole world" that Putin is threatening? Then maybe he will "come back" to you.

So, does NATO break flower beds around Russia? Are we stupid, swinging rockets? You, darling, are not tired of standing without your pants with cancer, waiting for Bavarian sausages ...

When Putin will cease to threaten the whole world

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Strange people, these Poles! First they place (even the United States invites) American missiles against Russia on their territory, and then they fear a retaliatory strike. I can reassure them that in the event of a military conflict over US military facilities in Poland there will be a massive blow from Russia. Naturally, everything around will perish, but it’s not scary, because death will be quick, they won’t have time to get scared.

I can not forgive Stalin that he did not allow the 1944-45 Hitler to destroy the Poles. on turn it was necessary to help

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Peer-to-peer negotiations can only be conducted from a position of strength - and US policy with limitrophes is proof of this. And the gentry with its hypertrophied unrealized ambitions is the first-class goal for realists. Good luck, gentlemen!

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He calls the Poles Russophobes, at the same time hinting at the fact that Russia could incinerate their country. Duplicity, really.

I was also horrified, although I live in Moscow.

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Russia will survive. There will be a lot of land. We’ll settle in the forests of Siberia or even further. But Europe, and in the absence of Lyakhi, there will not be much land to go anywhere. And our nuclear weapons will incinerate all of Poland. Poles need to think a hundred times how to croak towards Russia. No joke We are tired of Russophobia.

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