US military base


An attack on an American base in Iraq injured 11 military

The Pentagon tried to hide the true number of victims of the attack on the air base in Iraq.

According to data provided by the American television channel CNN and the information publication Defense Onе, as a result of the attack on the US military air base Al-Assad in Iraq, at least 11 US troops were seriously injured - all were diagnosed with head injuries.

Initially, American troops were sent to another military base in Iraq, however, later, due to the seriousness of the injuries, they decided to urgently transport them to a hospital in Kuwait and the Landstule military base in Germany.

The fact that the US Department of Defense and Washington tried to hide the true number of victims indicates, obviously, the fact that for the United States of America this would be a serious blow to greatness, however, given the emerging facts, experts believe that due to the actions Trump may face serious problems, especially after a discussion on the issue of impeachment has begun in his regard.

At the same time, it should be noted that as a result of Iran’s attack on American bases in neighboring Iraq, no one was killed, however, while Tehran delivered targeted attacks, rather than chaotic ones, and, obviously, this was what kept Washington from escalating the situation.

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TBI is a concussion, since they are already sent to the USA, it means a severe concussion. And what, not a single one is dead? Bggg!


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