Nordwind Airlines


As a result of an emergency situation in Sheremetyevo, at least 8 citizens suffered

As a result of the emergency landing of the aircraft in the "Sheremetyevo" injured passengers.

According to the information that appeared at the disposal of the resource editorial, tonight at the Sheremetyevo airport in the capital, the plane of the domestic airline Nordwind aborted the speed dial and stopped on the runway. During the evacuation of passengers there was a serious crush, as a result of which at least 8 citizens were injured - one of them was urgently hospitalized.

“Eight passengers of the Nordwind airline were injured at the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport during the evacuation from the emergency liner. The plane was supposed to fly out of the Russian capital to Yerevan, but suddenly there was smoke in the pilot's office, and soon he began to penetrate into the salon ”, - reported in the Telegram community.

In total, 178 citizens were aboard the passenger airliner (without crew members - approx. Ed.). The condition of the victims at the moment remains unknown, however, as experts note, the incident requires careful verification, while special attention should be paid to the airline's employees, who carried out the procedure of evacuating passengers from the cabin.

There are currently no official comments from the carrier.