As a result of earthquakes in Turkey, the number of victims exceeded 12 thousand people, more than 41 thousand were injured

The number of victims of earthquakes in Turkey exceeded 12 thousand people.

Against the backdrop of a series of earthquakes in Turkey, it became known that the number of victims in Turkey and Syria has already exceeded the mark of 12 thousand people, while about 41 thousand more people were injured.

The largest number of victims and injured was recorded in Turkey - here the number of dead already exceeds 10 thousand people, while the number of injured and injured exceeds 37 thousand people. About 2 more people died in Syria, and about 4 were injured.

At the moment, search and rescue operations continue in Turkey and neighboring Syria. This does not exclude an increase in the number of victims and victims. At the same time, experts note that repeated tremors seriously reduce the chances of finding survivors, as already destroyed buildings continue to collapse.

The reasons for such high underground activity are still unknown. However, experts note that, given the current situation in the region, earthquakes will be recorded here for quite a long time, although, judging by the subsiding aftershocks, equally destructive underground shocks should not be expected.


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