Nudol rocket launch


In Russia, experienced a unique hypersonic anti-satellite missile

In Russia, they tested the Nudol PL-19 anti-satellite missile.

According to information provided by the American television channel CNBC, at the end of December, the Russian military conducted successful tests of their anti-satellite rocket PL-19 Nudol. According to the source of the CNBC television channel, the Russian anti-satellite missile covered the distance of 3 thousand kilometers per 17 minutes and successfully hit a conventional target.

According to reports, tests of the Russian anti-satellite missile PL-19 "Nudol" (according to the NATO classification - PL-19 "Nudol" - ed.), Were carried out twice last year - the last of them took place on December 23 of the year. Considering the data presented, it is logical to conclude that a new hypersonic rocket has appeared in Russia's arsenal, comparable in speed to the X-2018М47 hypersonic rocket, which is part of the ARC Dagger.

In the US, it is possible that the Nudol PL-19 anti-satellite missile will become Russia's response to Donald Trump’s deploying missile defense systems in orbit, and although the missile’s characteristics remain unknown, experts believe that it can successfully hit satellites at 150 -200 kilometers, which puts the program of the space forces of Washington under a serious blow.

"Nudol" and in Africa - "Nudol". Do not leave the foe. Oh, don't quit. In any orbit we will get ...