Launching a cruise missile


In Russia, they experienced unique "invisible" missiles

In the framework of the military exercises "Vostok-2018", "invisible" missiles were tested.

Military exercises "Vostok-2018" continue to amaze not only by its scale, but also by unique weapons, which appeared in Russia relatively recently. We are talking about unique cruise missiles, which have a small radar visibility, which allows you to destroy enemy air defense / anti-aircraft missiles, attack naval targets and air bases.

It is known that the invisible missiles were used not so much to attack the positions of the conventional enemy as they checked the security of the friendly forces and the effectiveness of the existing air defense systems, which made it possible to accurately determine the capabilities of the Russian S-300, S-400, "And others.

"No one could give any absolute guarantees of the successful repetition of such a massive conventional blow. The point is also that in special maneuvers special missile-imitating targets were used, with very low radio visibility, in another - with stealth and invisible technology. These missile targets are superior to all known foreign analogues of already real missiles ", - said the head of the 76 Airborne Division Colonel Sergei Tikhonov.

On the other hand, the presence of such missiles makes it possible to achieve the effect of complete surprise when attacking the enemy, since “invisible” cruise missiles cannot be detected by standard means of air defense and missile defense.

"Such missiles are perfectly suited for destroying enemy airbases, eliminating carrier groups, defeating enemy air defenses and missile defense systems, in fact, making them helpless", - said a specialist