Night air strike


In Russia, they explained the blow to the Turkish military in Syria - about 40 soldiers were killed. Video

The Russian Defense Ministry explained the destruction of Turkish troops in Idlib.

A few hours ago, about a hundred Turkish troops fell under the powerful air strikes of the Russian air forces. As a result of air strikes, 34 Turkish soldiers were killed, about 50 were seriously injured, however, as it turned out, before making the strikes, Russia made a request, however, it was stated that there were no Turkish troops in the Behun area, and therefore Russian aviation began to strike.

Currently, Turkey has not made any direct accusations against Russia regarding the death of Turkish troops, however, just a few hours later a crowd of protesters gathered at the Russian diplomatic embassy in Turkey, chanting anti-Russian statements and calling on the Turkish authorities to take decisive action.

Previously, already published a video showing the most powerful air strikes of the Russian air forces on the positions of the Turkish military, moreover, air strikes lasted several hours, and later, due to a threat from Turkey, a no-fly zone was introduced over the entire territory of Syria.

It should be clarified that according to Turkish media, in the coming hours, Turkey intends to officially declare war on Syria.

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