Strike by Vanguards


In Russia, responded to the offer of Richardson to attack Russia

The Federation Council responded to the request of the US Navy Admiral to attack Russia.

On the eve of the day, the American admiral of the Navy issued a sharp demand for a pre-emptive strike on Russia and China in order to ensure the national security of the United States of America. In Russia, such a statement was immediately responded, stressing that in the event of the slightest provocation, Russia would be ready to respond adequately.

“Impunity encourages such warriors to aggressive statements. Once again - behind these statements is a huge military force. And the more dangerous these are the “admirals with a grenade” who are not aware of the real consequences of their words, which may one day turn into actions. ”- said the chairman of the committee of the Federation Council on international affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

The Federation Council stressed that the United States does not realize the consequences of any clashes with Russia, although Richardson’s statement demonstrates that the United States seriously fear the emergence of a unique Russian “super-weapon” capable of destroying most of the United States in just a few tens of minutes. to mention that it would take just a few minutes to eliminate the means of combat aviation located in Europe.

The admiral is either inseparable from M. Zadorny's syndrome, or considers the rest of the world to be the same, intellectually underdeveloped: Between Russia and the United States, for more than half a century, preventive war is not possible! - This is a suicide!


Best in the world of aviation

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