Nuclear strike


In Russia, threatened to turn Europe into a "nuclear desert"

The appearance in any European country of American military bases and the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty, turns it into a potential target of Russian missiles.

Military expert Vladislav Shurygin said that Washington’s planned withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles, and the subsequent deployment of American military bases and facilities in European countries, turns any such European country into a potential “nuclear desert”.

“Any Eastern European state that hosts such missiles erases itself from the world map. And politicians who persistently invite the US military potentially expose their populations to atomic rain. In such a situation, civilians in these countries are no longer even hostages. This hostage, which began to shoot ", - the expert has declared.

According to the military expert, the United States will continue to have a very serious temptation to solve its global tasks at the expense of Europe, for example, deliver a massive nuclear strike with medium and short-range missiles from its territory.

However, given the recent Statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin; Russia's nuclear deterrence policy does not imply preventive nuclear strikesIn this connection, the statement of Vladislav Shurygin does not quite correspond to reality.

“The appearance of American military bases in Europe is rather psychological in nature, since both in the United States and in any European country they are well aware that aggression against Russia will surely turn into a blow, quite likely nuclear, with which there is practically nothing to oppose”, - said the analyst


Russia allegedly relocated X-NUMX T-300 tanks closer to the border with Ukraine.
Something is not enough stated ... 3000 tanks and 100 000 soldiers!

“The boy kept a flock and, as if seeing tanks, began calling:“ Help, tanks! tanks! "
Italians came running and see: not true.
As he did two and three times, it happened - and indeed the tanks had arrived.
The boy began to shout: "Here, here, more quickly, tanks!"
The Italians thought that they were once again deceiving them as usual - they did not listen to him.
Tanks see, there is nothing to be afraid of: in the open, they recorded the whole flock in the Customs Union. ”

Well placed tanks .. maybe even more likely than 300 ..
So what ?
Does anyone there in Europe doubt ..
what if the Ukrainian narodn will call for help .. Russia will not come ?!
will come!
will roll will arrive will arrive and will float and all at the same time
you never know what might happen there .. we will not abandon Ukraine in trouble
everyone needs to be ready for anything ..!

I believe that approaching the March elections will directly affect the number of tanks on the border with the Russian Federation. As a result, the border between Russia and Ukraine will be a line of tanks in three floors. And on the tower of each person there will be a person with binoculars similar to Putin.


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