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Russia is developing an unusual hypersonic rocket "Gvozdika"

Russian scientists are working to create a hypersonic rocket "Gvozdika".

In addition to the hypersonic X-47М2 and Avant-garde missiles, a unique hypersonic Gvozdika missile may appear in Russia's arsenal. A key feature of the projected Hypersonic Gvozdika missile is the fact that it is positioned solely as a target.

Considering the fact that the newest hypersonic Gvozdika missile is supposed to be adopted by the Russian army already in 2019 year, as reported by the Director General of NPO Lightning Olga Sokolova, it is logical to assume that the work on creating the rocket has already been completed and being tested.

Earlier it was reported that with the development of hypersonic technology, Russia is leading several important projects to create hypersonic weapons, and, quite likely, the hypersonic target missile “Gvozdika” is one of such projects.

At the moment, the characteristics of the Gvozdika hypersonic rocket are not announced, but experts have made the assumption that its flight speed is unlikely to exceed 8 thousand km / h, since it is only a target, it is possible that the new rocket It can also be used as a base for creating other hypersonic rockets.

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