In Russia, they developed a unique bomb-rocket

The Russian military created a unique bomb-rocket.

Russian military experts do not cease to amaze with their sophistication. According to portal, Russian scientists and engineers managed to create a unique high-precision air-launched munition, which is a kind of combination of a rocket and a bomb. At the moment, it is known that the ammunition under the marking 9-A-7759, can perform both the functions of the bomb and the missile, which allows you to effectively strike strikes on enemy positions.

Due to the fact that there are no official comments on this issue, experts have hypothesized that it may be a planning bomb - this development is already in the arsenal of the US Air Force, but obviously, it will be possible to learn about this only after the unique The munition will pass its tests.

Tests of the bomb-rocket are already underway, while, according to the source, at least 3 dropped the ammunition as a bomb, and at least 8 tests the ammunition as a rocket. At this stage, there were no problems with the new development.

It is known that at the moment the Su-34 bomber is used as a bomb, but in the future, the ammunition can also be installed on Su-35 fighters, which are one of the advanced aircraft in service in Russia today

Ahaha, have mocked. In fact, it was like this, our megamons with nanotechnology, created a missile that does not fly nichrome, and decided to write it off for a unique development - if it does not, then the bomb, if it flies, then the rocket