Fighter of the sixth generation


In Russia, a radio-photon radar for fighter aircraft of the sixth generation

Russia seriously approached the creation of a sixth generation fighter.

Despite the fact that the Russian Su-57, related to the fifth-generation fighters, are just beginning to be supplied to the Russian army, Russian scientists and engineers have already approached the creation of a sixth generation fighter. To date, it is exclusively a project, however, as it became known, a new Russian aircraft, which may well become unmanned, will be equipped with a unique radio-photon radar capable of constructing an accurate image of the target and detecting "stealth" -samolots.

According to the information available to, it is planned to create a model of a unique radio-photon radar closer to the end of this year, however, it may take at least 3-5 years to fully implement the project.

To date, there are no clear requirements for the sixth-generation fighters, but according to analysts, China was the first in this direction to make a breakthrough, which recently published a photo of an unmanned stealth fighter, which may well qualify for the title of the sixth generation aircraft.

It should be clarified that the main feature of each subsequent generation is not only the preservation of all the capabilities of aircraft of the previous generation, but also their significant improvement, which is especially noticeable for the fighters 4 and 5-th generations.

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