War plane


In Russia they create a unique aircraft for conducting space wars

In Russia they are developing a "star warship".

Russian scientists and aircraft designers are creating a unique military aircraft designed to conduct space wars. We are talking about a deep modernization of the Il-22 aircraft, the main purpose of which is to jam the means of enemy communications, "blinding" radars at great distances, coordination of troops, etc.

The plane Il-22M11, according to military experts, will be a response to the intentions of US President Donald Trump to create space troops, that is, it is about placing a large number of military satellites and vehicles intended for conducting military operations on Earth's orbit. In fact, Russia is creating a weapon that allows, if necessary, to jam signals from US military satellites, that is, to fully oppose the space forces of the United States of America.

Considering the fact that the new aircraft is being built on the basis of the existing IL-22, it is logical to assume that the costs for the implementation of this project will be relatively small, although at the moment neither the characteristics of the aircraft nor the terms of the project implementation are disclosed

Earlier, the United States said that if such planes were used against American satellites, a nuclear strike could be delivered to Russia, which caused great concern to the world community.

It is good to drive the blunt propaganda. A country incapable of creating a vacuum cleaner will not create anything.

I liked the author's humor! Il-20 and space wars? Zhvanetsky is resting! )))))


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