Aircraft IL-112V


In Russia, they create a military aircraft using the 3D-printer

On the 3D-printer, the newest Russian IL-112V was printed.

According to Russian media, an air intake model for the latest military transport aircraft Il-112 was printed at the Voronezh air company. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the implementation of the project can be significantly accelerated, and it will also provide an opportunity to spot possible inaccuracies on the spot and quickly eliminate them.

"Since the IL-112 is created from scratch, many of its details when installed on the aircraft require further development. The layout that is printed on the printer will allow you to adjust the fixing points of the elements of the hydraulic system of the aircraft. Now it is installed on the prototype Il-112 », - told in the press service of "UAC".

When making the first flight, plastic parts printed on the 3D printer will be replaced with metal ones, however some of the details for the IL-112V may well be produced by the possibilities of 3D printing technologies.

"We started using the 3D printer to see how accurate our calculations are. Such technologies allow not to be interrupted for finalization of finished products, which, in turn, significantly shortens the time for installation of equipment and reduces the cost of production " - said the deputy general director of PJSC "IL".

It should be clarified that the first flight of the newest Russian military transport aircraft Il-112V should take place before the end of this year.