Rocket hit the plane


Russia has completed the development of a new air defense system against the American "stealth"

The newest complex "Buk-M3" can knock down "stealth" and hit targets on the ground

The Russian mobile air defense complex “Buk-M3” is a more advanced version of its predecessors. He is able to fight with a variety of means of air attack.

Currently, the self-propelled unit accommodates six missiles. On the launcher - twelve.

The Buk-M3 is capable of destroying both airplanes and helicopters, as well as tactical and cruise missiles. He will destroy the missiles created with the use of technology "stealth". Such a complex will bring down at altitudes from ten meters to 35 kilometers at a distance of up to seventy kilometers, while the speed of the rocket, which must be hit, can reach three kilometers per second.

The complex is also capable of striking both sea and land targets.

The complex has a tracked chassis. This provides him with the ability to overcome off-road sections, to have high mobility. Possible and transfer the complex to the wheelbase.

According to military experts, the export version of this Viking complex will be in demand on international arms markets.

I completely agree. So far, only one words and advertising weapons

Talking and doing are different things. When no Israeli rocket can fly to Syria, then we can talk about our achievements. So far, this is only bluster, which has no basis.