Drone Altius-O


In Russia, the creation of a heavy impact drone

The Russian strike drone is ready to enter the troops.

As follows from the information that appeared at the disposal of Avia.pro, the Russian shock unmanned aerial vehicle Altius-O has already been created by Russian aircraft manufacturers and will soon begin to arrive at the arsenal of the Russian army. There has been no confirmation of this information from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation so far, however, given the information provided in other media, it is likely that the information is correct.

Originally it was reported that the impact drill "Altius-O" will have a mass of 5 tons, but given the latest data, we are talking about an aircraft weighing 7,5 tons, capable of carrying a payload of about 2 tons.

According to preliminary data, the length of the unmanned aircraft "Altius-O" is 11,6 m., And the wingspan is equal to 28,5 m., Which makes it the most real giant, although at the same time, this drone is a very maneuverable device capable of effectively hitting ground targets . Moreover, the impact drill Altius-O is able to remain in flight for a very long period of time - up to 48 hours.

“Given the fact that the unmanned aerial vehicle has already been created, it is likely that they will want to try it. It is not excluded that the device may go to Syria, however, due to the fact that they did not comment on this information to the Ministry of Defense, it is impossible to judge this clearly. ”, - said a specialist Avia.pro.

It should be clarified that the newest unmanned aerial vehicle "Altius-O" is only the first Russian experience in creating heavy attack drones, but if these devices can prove themselves, then other attack drones will appear in the future.

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