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Plane crash Flydubai


In Rostov will open a commemorative memorial to the victims of the crash "Flydubai"

establish a monument to victims of the plane crash «Flydubai» in Rostov-on-Don.

According to official information, this afternoon a memorial dedicated to the memorial to victims of the plane crash 62 (55 7 passengers and crew members - Ed.). Involving aircraft company «Flydubai», which was wrecked in March 19 2016 years. It should be clarified that the main cause of the crash has not yet been named, however, the most likely version of events considered to be error crew during landing.

It should be clarified that on board the crashed airliner the Boeing 737 45 were Russian citizens, at the same time, as stated in some media, the crash investigation could take several years.


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