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Military ID / Photo: Telegram


A military commissar accused of selling military tickets was detained in Samara

In Samara, military commissar Vyacheslav Artyushkin was arrested on charges of illegally selling military tickets, which, according to investigators, has been happening since 2015. The Samara Garrison Military Court decided to detain Artyushkin, who held the position of military commissar of the Oktyabrsky, Kuibyshevsky, Leninsky and Samara districts of Samara, in custody until May 26. This information is provided by “Base”.

The accused was allegedly involved in the illegal issuance of military tickets, for which, since 2015 and especially actively after the start of a special military operation in February 2022, he collected from citizens amounts ranging from 60 to 80 thousand rubles. According to the investigation, during this period Artyushkin could have “sold” more than 700 military personnel, which indicates the scale of the illegal activity.

During the investigation, 14 counts of criminal activity are charged, but the investigation continues, which may reveal additional cases of illegal issuance of documents. The investigation also involves a doctor at the Kuybyshevsky district conscription commission, allegedly involved in a scheme for issuing military tickets.


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