Airline Azur Air


In a plane "Azur Air" drunk passengers got into a fight

Passengers of the Azur Air flight arranged drunken disassembly on board.

On the eve of the day, when preparing the crew of Azur Air for the flight from Moscow to Nha Trang (Vietnam), three passengers began to behave inadequately, in particular, the two men and the girl were aggressively attuned, which resulted in a verbal skirmish between them, which later were involved and other citizens. What specifically caused the debauch on board the passenger airliner of the company "Azur Air", while that remains unknown, however, as a result of the squabbles, the flight to Nha Trang was postponed for at least one hour.

There have not been any official comments from the Russian air carrier Azur Air, however, according to the available information resource, the rowdy was removed from the flight, while none of the citizens were injured.

Previous studies have shown that in the vast majority of cases acts of debauch on board the aircraft are associated with the presence of passengers in a state of intoxication.