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Bombardier CS300


Bombardier CS300 landed in Sheremetyevo for the first time

At the capital's Sheremetyevo airport, the Bombardier CS300 liner landed for the first time.

The passenger airliner owned by the Latvian airline AirBaltic landed at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport the day before, thus completing the flight from Riga. As the passengers of the airliner themselves informed, the flight from Riga to Moscow turned out to be very comfortable, which once again emphasizes the prospects of the development of this aircraft.

Nevertheless, it is important to clarify that the aircraft load was low enough - only 300 passengers were accommodated on board the passenger Bombardier CS67, while the actual capacity of the aircraft is 145, however, it is assumed that in the near future, the congestion Flights will be at least 70%.


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