Hard landing in the field


In Scotland, he made twin-engine plane crash-land

9 April. In the eastern part of Scotland, in the region of Aberdeenshire, an easy landing, twin-engine aircraft made an emergency landing. Piper PA-31-50.

In the plane during the flight it was only the pilot, and committed during hard landing, he received a minor back injury, but his condition is normal.

It is reported that about a month ago, the aircraft undergoing repairs in France, with the problem was associated with one of the engines, and on-site investigation, the experts came to the conclusion that the works were not in quality, as it is the reason for its failure during flight.

It should be noted that the pilot was lucky enough, because in this area the terrain is very rough, and if not for a small area of ​​a flat surface, it is likely effects of such planting would be terrible.


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