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In Syria, tested a unique Russian rocket, which has no analogues in the world

Russia has tested in Syria its unique rocket, which has no analogues in the world.

According to the data provided by the source in the Defense Industrial Complex, the Russian military tested a unique rocket in Syria, which has not even received its name, and is being called “305 Product”.

"The newest long-range guided missile" Product 305 "with a combined guidance system is being tested in Syria from a regular carrier", - the report says.

We are talking about a guided missile, the carrier for which is the newest domestic attack helicopter Mi-28HM “Night Hunter”, which was also seen in Syria for the first time. The uniqueness of the rocket is that it can hit targets at high distances to 25 kilometers with high accuracy, which allows the crews of combat helicopters to attack the enemy from an absolutely safe distance.

“The 305 product greatly expands the capabilities of rotary-wing helicopters. To date, such a rocket is not in any country in the world, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that the development of long-range missiles became known a few days ago.

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In this case, we are talking about weapons designed for armament of combat helicopters and which, respectively, is intended to defeat small targets directly on the battlefield, and not for 400 km as you say. We are armed with attack helicopters are now guided missiles with a range of 8 km. Do amerikosov on the Apache with a greater range and even that do not require target tracking after launch. I think that with the distance of the defeat of 25 km the tracking of the target is also meaningless. So this may be a truly new step in the development of the weapons of Russian attack helicopters. And with the range of the rocket in 400 km, one can only guess at the weight of the rocket. For a helicopter, it can be a bit heavy. Yes, and combat missions such a helicopter can not be.

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The KS-172 airborne missile was developed in the 1980s. Range 400 km! You can put on the helicopter. “305 product” what is the advantage?

We tried it in 90x, the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, the union was destroyed, but NATO was not dissolved, but strengthened. What to do, you have to arm.

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Great! And the new helicopter is spinning there!

The main abilities of the rocket are delightful, the rest is not subject to disclosure.

Things are going very well in this direction. Such success was not even expected. Four years ago, the bloggers shouted in unison: "Everything is gone." Now, another attack: as if the experimental animals igilovtsy not completely ended. Who then work on the R & D?


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Exactly from the same "stuffing" they started on all the unique Russian achievements recently revealed to the world and of course, everyone considered it nonsense.

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Pure propaganda article!
It is not even clear from its text that it was tested for the class of the rocket. It is known that it is based on a helicopter. Can this mean that it is an air-to-air or air-to-surface missile? No answer!

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