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In Syria, began to criticize Russia for inaction

In Syria, Russia's inaction has been criticized.

Despite the fact that the Russian military achieved a crushing victory over the terrorists of the “Islamic State” in Syria (ISIS, a terrorist group whose activities are banned in Russia - approx. Ed.), With the emergence of a de-escalation zone in Idlib province, big losses, in connection with which, in the microblogging network “Twitter”, criticism of Russia and Russian authorities appeared.

On the eve of the day, a group of Syrian soldiers, being on the territory under their control, came under massive shelling of members of the armed opposition, killing at least 18 Syrian soldiers, and about a dozen were seriously injured and injured. Such attacks by militants, terrorists and members of the armed opposition have continued since the moment the offensive operation on Idlib was stopped and the territory was declared a de-escalation zone, however, according to the Syrian military, “Putin does not see this as a problem.”

"Putin easily negotiates with Turkey, and does not see the problem that the Syrian military are killed every day", - writes one of the Syrian soldiers in Twitter.

"Today we were launched missiles, but no one wants to see violations by the militants"- says one of the local residents on Twitter.

“Russia said that the treaty (according to Idlib - editorial note) is working, but since the beginning of its operation hundreds of Syrian military have already died”- notes another soldier of the UAR.

According to analysts, Turkey is not fulfilling its obligations under the agreement concluded with Russia around the Syrian province of Idlib, but Russia's inaction only allows the militants to strengthen their positions.

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