VKS Russia


In Syria, a large-scale offensive operation begins

Russian VCS is preparing to destroy terrorists in the south-west of Syria.

According to the information provided by the militants of the group Alvia al-Furqan, the Syrian government forces, together with the Russian group of the VKS in Syria, are preparing to launch a large-scale offensive operation near the borders of Syria, Israel and Jordan. The main objective of this operation is to restore control over the border area, while the Syrian authorities have provided the gangs with the opportunity to voluntarily lay down their arms and leave the occupied territory during the 48 hours that have already expired.

In the offensive operation it is expected to involve a large number of combat aircraft, in particular, this task is supposed to be entrusted to the Russian military security services, while experts point to the fact that air strikes may be the largest in the history of the war in this Arab republic.

On the other hand, the fact that neighboring countries and the US will take an offensive operation is still unknown, especially given the fact that The US State Department urged the Syrian authorities to abandon the offensive in this direction, threatening with retaliatory measures, including through new missile and air strikes against positions of the Syrian government forces.

It should be noted that, a day earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel talked on the phone with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, and although the details of the conversation remain unknown, analysts believe that it concerned precisely the forthcoming offensive operation.

According to the Alvia-Al-Furqan militants, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is ready to launch an offensive operation this night, but there are no official comments on this from the Syrian authorities.

Do not pretend, Putin never spoke about the final victory, it was a matter of turning in a fundamental way in the situation. Now separate foci resist, what's wrong? And the Pendosovs fought fought, and IGIL only captured the country after the country, hence the conclusion. Pendostan better from Russia to stay as far as possible, a traitor!

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Where a year ago, Putin proudly protested that he defeated the terrorists in Syria! Deceived the people of Russia, or what? If you won, what are we still fighting, conduct some kind of loud offensive operations ???? Or the military can not fight, and reported to the Supreme that everything, victory? Or all the terrorists can not win? So will the outbreak war continue in varying success? Hence the conclusion. Our military do not know how to fight, they fight very badly. even as that is offensive to our "red army, which is stronger than all"! It seems that if the US attacks the Russian Federation this is the end!

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