In Syria shot down the Israeli drone, coordinated the militants

Shot down an Israeli drone, coordinated by Syrian militants.

This afternoon, an Israeli reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle, which coordinated the actions of anti-government forces, was shot down in the town of Chadder (southwest Syria - approx. Ed.). According to the information that appeared, the drone transmitted data on the location and movement of the Syrian military, after which artillery and rocket attacks were made on the positions of government forces.

Initially, it was reported that the Israeli reconnaissance drone was shot down by the Russian "Pantsir-S" missile system, however, taking into account the photographs presented, it is logical to assume that this information is untrue, since the unmanned vehicle was not massively damaged, and most likely was destroyed with fire from small arms.

The incident occurred only in 5 kilometers from the Israeli border, while the Israeli authorities have so far not commented on the appearance and destruction of their unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria.

At the moment, a full-scale offensive operation is being conducted in the south-west of Syria, in which heavy armored vehicles (automatic control systems, tanks, etc.), artillery and means of Syrian combat aviation are participating. According to unofficial data presented in the social network of microblogging "Twitter", Russian helicopter attack helicopters were seen in the operation, however, no evidence has been received yet.

It should be clarified that earlier the Israeli side was categorically against the offensive operation near its borders, however, despite this fact, the Syrian authorities decided to restore the border area with Israel under their control.

I was always sure that Israel and the US are behind the creation of the IG, supporting terrorists financially, with weapons and instructors.


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