Helicopter shot down


The second Mi-8 military helicopter shot down in Syria in a week. Video

In Syria, shot down the second in a week military helicopter.

A few hours ago, terrorists who received man-portable air defense systems from the Turkish army destroyed the second Syrian military helicopter over Idlib province this week. As in the first case, a military rotorcraft was destroyed by fire from the ground during a reconnaissance and combat mission.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Syrian helicopter was destroyed almost at the highest level for jihadists, while the car was critically damaged, as a result of which the crew was deprived of any chance of rescue.

Experts note that for unknown reasons, the Syrian military does not use protective equipment against MANPADS, while firing heat traps would save both helicopters.

It is noteworthy that, according to some reports, the Syrian Air Force helicopter was shot down from the territory of the Turkish military checkpoint, after which, apparently intending to bring confusion, the Turkish army fired on the positions of the SAA using artillery.

How many people were on board the helicopter destroyed by the militants is unknown.

At the moment, there is no reaction from Moscow to the second Syrian military helicopter destroyed by jihadists, however, at the same time, a number of sources report that the Syrian and Russian military aircraft have stopped flying due to the existing risk.

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