Fighting for Syria


In Syria, destroyed the last stronghold of terrorists "LIH" in southern Syria

The southern part was completely cleared of terrorists "LIH" *.

The Syrian military command officially announced that thanks to the joint actions of the Syrian and Russian military, the last major stronghold of terrorists "ISIL" (Islamic State, a terrorist group whose activities are prohibited in Russia - Ed.) Was completely destroyed. The battles for the volcanic plateau of Safa were fought for more than six months, but all the terrorists were completely destroyed.

According to some information, it was possible to destroy the positions of the terrorists of the “Islamic State” largely due to the support of Russia, in particular, it was reported about multiple air strikes, as well as the use of powerful ground complexes.

At the moment, the terrorists of the “Islamic State” occupy only the northeastern part of the Syrian Arab Republic, however, according to earlier reports, now the Syrian military intends to concentrate its efforts on this region, putting down the terrorists in the desert area, and then, directly off the coast Euphrates.

According to analysts, the complete destruction of the terrorist group "Islamic State" will occur by the end of next year.

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