Attack on a Russian plane


In Syria, they again tried to bring down the Russian Su-24 bomber

It became known about the second attack on a Russian bomber in Syria.

Despite the fact that Turkey announced the constant maintenance of the military line with Russia on the situation in Syria, it became known that Turkish troops and pro-Turkish militants attacked the Russian Su-24 front-line bombers at least twice and once the Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft .

According to Russian media, the Russian air force bomber Su-24 was re-attacked from a portable anti-aircraft missile system, which indicates that Turkey at least supports the militants' intentions to destroy Russian combat aircraft, however, at the same time, one video allows us to state that it was the Turkish military who were behind the attack.

““ Having carefully studied the videos from the Outpost UAV (video number 3), which were published yesterday and showing the launch of MANPADS, we did not find a dislocation that could coincide with the dislocation considered in video number 2. And this indicates that there were at least two attempts to attack <...> from different places, ”the authors of the Military Informant note. The video, which presumably captures the launch from MANPADS on the Su-24, appeared on February 21. The user who posted the video suggested that the rocket was launched by Turkish commandos - fighters of the army special forces ", - publication cites information

It should be clarified that the Russian airborne forces actively use front-line bombers to attack the positions of terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo, as a result of which the terrorists suffer huge losses, both in equipment and weapons, and in manpower, and therefore the militants intend to hit Russian planes in order to carry out a counterattack at the same time and return the previously liberated territories to control.

For unknown reasons, the Russian side has not yet taken any harsh measures against Turkey to attack the Russian bombers, however, experts do not exclude that in the near future the bombed areas will be initially fired using artillery.

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