Military helicopter shot down


In Slavyansk downed Mi-24

5 May. Militias of Slavyansk city shot down a military helicopter Mi-24 belonging to the Air Force of Ukraine.

It is reported that the combat vehicle intended to bombard the outskirts of the city, and it was during the approach to the attack that the forces of self-defense fired several bursts of heavy machine-gun fire into the direction of the helicopter, as a result of which the car crashed near the city. According to the militiamen themselves, the fire on the helicopters was only opened after it was confirmed that the helicopter is preparing to attack the city, otherwise, these consequences could be avoided.

According to the official statement of the Ukrainian authorities, the helicopter pilots are alive and their health is not in danger. Recall that a week earlier, the self-defense forces of the city of Slavyansk shot down another 3 military helicopters Mi-8, Killing the pilot 2.

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