Explosion in the sky


In social networks said they spotted the explosion of the rocket "Avangard"

In the US, they spotted a powerful explosion in the atmosphere of the planet, and declared that it was a rocket «Vanguard».

Lindley Johnson, a NASA specialist for protecting the Earth from extraterrestrial objects, stated that an explosion of an unknown object moving at a speed of about 31-33 km / s was recorded in the Earth's atmosphere. The power of the explosion was of the order of 170-200 kilotons in TNT (in 10 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima), and although it is alleged that we are talking about a meteorite, conspiracy therapists and users of social networks said that in reality, we are talking about testing the latest Russian hypersonic Avangard missile, the characteristics of which almost completely correspond to data presented by the US National Aerospace Agency.

“The combat unit of the Avangard complex can reach speeds of 27-30 MAX. The power of its explosion is of the order of 200 - 2000 kilotons. It is completely obvious that this is not about a meteorite, but about the testing of a Russian rocket. ”, - comment on this news in the social network «Facebook».

“This“ meteorite ”is probably not. Perhaps this is generally an artificial object. By the way, the Russian rocket is able to reach speeds in 33 thousand km \ h., Which is quite consistent with NASA data. ”- suggests another user.

On the other hand, analysts argue that the assumptions that we are talking about the Russian avant-garde hypersonic missile are not true, since the official launch took place on December 26, and there are official confirmations of this.

For Oleg. The speed of sound you specified in 346 m / s - let's say so - is a bit overpriced for those conditions in which the flight of Avant-garde takes place. The speed of sound is dependent on pressure and temperature, it is higher at the surface of the earth, and as the height increases decreases at standard altitudes at which airplanes fly (from 7 to 11 km) the speed of sound will be 290-320 m / s. And in the upper layers of the atmosphere where the Avant-garde flies, the speed of sound will be even lower.

For victims of Russian education. MAX-sound-346 m in sec. 30 MAX-11500 meters per second, multiply by 3,6-a little more 40000 km per hour. sek.-1 cosm.sk-tb, to the other planets of the sun.sist.to whether 7 or 1 km. in s.

That's right! You also warned - "with an unlimited range of flight." The official launch was 26 last December, and then, finally, it arrived!

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Conspiracyologists and networkers from Ukraine, from Israel and the USA! Turn on your brains and think, first, how can one of Putin’s cartoons explode? Secondly, the speed in 33 km per second is 100 - 110 Max! And the US satellites measured the speed of the cartoon "Avant-garde" only in 27 Mach!

speed in a second and an hour - different things!

sucks at you with calculations ...

"Chelyabinsk meteorite" - this was Avant-garde.
And the fact that "" exploded in the atmosphere "still has no name.
wait, everything has its time.

Vanguard moves 30M. This is 9 km per second, 32000 km per hour.

If 33 km / s relative to the Earth - it will allow ...

I agree that the author of the "news" is an amateur and wrote heresy, but you, too, slightly went too far. The speed of 33km / sec will not let fly away from the Solar system and especially from the Galaxy. Our planet itself flies around the Sun at about the same speed.

Speed ​​31-33 km / s = 111600-118800 km / h.
″ Avant-garde ″ at such a speed can leave not only the planet Earth, but also the Solar System and the ″ Milky Way ″ Galaxy. The author should decide on the given speeds. Although, if it is Zen ... then it is understandable.