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The Federation Council told about the Russian strike on the US military in Syria

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation spoke about the Russian strike on the US military in Syria.

Russian senator Vladimir Dzhabarov said that after an incident in the northeastern part of Syria, when a Russian armored vehicle, with the officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in it, was rammed by a heavy American armored personnel carrier, Russia prepared a corresponding blow against the American military.

“The Americans will play out. When they climb the rampage, they intentionally substitute, and you can get a blow. We don’t have to provoke a response, otherwise it will end very sadly ”- said Dzhabarov, adding that the American side does not comply with the agreement with Russia at all, creating all kinds of obstacles for the Russian military, which, incidentally, are completely legal in Syria.

It should be clarified that this is far from the first collision of the U.S. army with the Russian military in Syria, in particular, earlier, American troops repeatedly prevented the movement of convoys of the Russian military police, blocked the passage of convoys, tried to ram the Russian armored personnel carrier, used aircraft, etc.

Against the background of the absence of any decisive reaction from the Russian military, experts even concluded that Russia was not ready to confront the United States in Syria, however, such an assessment is only superficial.

Yes there will be nothing! Maximum - express serious concern

And what was the return blow? Or is it just plans?

there was still no serious provocation from the side of the Pindos, and if so, our otvetka with fire and a sword wakes up - right away! erdogn already got a light

Admins, why do not miss comments?

Read carefully: “you can get a hit.” Another Chinese warning.

We always have a blow, either asymmetric or non-standard, but painful - in short, virtual ..!

I did not understand what kind of blow was said. Or wasn’t it?


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