Ship explosion


In the Mediterranean Sea, a Turkish warship with weapons for terrorists was destroyed. Video

Turkey lost a huge warship with weapons, ammunition and equipment.

A few hours ago, as a result of powerful artillery shelling, Turkey lost a huge warship in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, transporting armored vehicles, weapons and ammunition to terrorists from Idlib, deployed to Libya for military operations.

On the presented video frames you can see that the Turkish warship is completely engulfed in flames and a huge column of black smoke rises above it - the result of an aimed artillery attack from the Libyan National Army. According to sources, a total of at least 8 artillery shells were fired on the ship, four of which hit the ship precisely, which led to the detonation of ammunition and, as a result, explosions and fire.

Initially, there was information that the bombing of the Turkish ship was carried out by bombers of the Libyan National Army, however, later, sources in the Haftar forces reported that in reality the blow was delivered by heavy artillery.

The Turkish side has not yet commented on the destruction of its warship, however, the reason for the attack was Turkey’s failure to comply with the ultimatum of the Libyan National Army and the ceasefire, which does not exclude the possibility that attacks on Turkish military, pro-Turkish terrorists and the forces of the Government of National Unity will continue.

"Russia has only two allies - its army and navy" - Emperor Alexander-Sh

I agree completely

We don’t have knives behind us. This is always the case with Turkey in relation to Russia. While Erdogan remembered his salvation thanks to Russian intelligence, which had warned in advance of a military coup in Turkey, he tried to establish relations with Putin. But soon forgot. Nazi Ukraine was praised and welcomed. Crimea promised to return to Ukraine. And after that I thought that Russia would constantly support and help him?

Why didn’t they answer? ... Remember how many Tomatoes they have lost? !!!))

you right know the history of Western textbooks! tsarigrad is nothing but the capital of the confederation, which included before the year of Godunov and Muscovy, with the advancement of Catholicism covered by the religion of Orthodoxy to the east, the newly created empire Russia always invaded the Ottoman Empire by taking away the princedoms

Turkey has never been our ally. Back in Soviet times, he served on the Turkish border and I remember many provocations committed by the Turks, incited by the Americans, with the aim of destabilizing the situation in the Caucasus. Since then, little has changed in Turkish politics. Only a military force that adequately responds to all their machinations can stop the Turks. They never understood another and will not understand!
Unfortunately, they still have not been responsible for our downed plane and the death of our pilot. But must answer!

Of course, it pleases that Russian politics is increasingly being implemented based on the economic interests of our country. I think this is wiser than a politicized approach.

Turkey, represented by President Erdogan in the Middle East and generally in the world, is rude. Erdogan president is a world problem.

He has specialists. His army has only mercenaries, not a people's militia. In addition, he is the same puppet of the United States as the government in Tripoli.

Turkey will soon cease to exist as a state .. this has long been a territory of bandits and terrorists like igil ... Russia will destroy Turkey in a week soon, such are the predictions of many elders and saints

Heavy artillery hits several tens of kilometers. Shooting is not direct fire, but mounted. There were some good specialists here. Do Haftar have them?

Good news. Not everything is so smooth with Erdogan.

The only country where our ambassador was killed twice (and they threaten today's)

Turks are not our allies. We (Russia and Turkey) try to use each other for our own purposes. Remember, the Turks bought the S-400 for what? It was a demonstration by Turkey of its capabilities to the Americans. Amerikosy strongly pressed Erdogan to refuse to buy S-400 air defense systems. And persuaded, and intimidated ... And they bought. Some countries (eg Bulgaria), even with a hint of discontent, America scum from fear and run to execute the order of their master! And the Turks, on the contrary, do it their own way! We, too, are moving away from the "socialist" view of life and relationships. Remember how under socialism we helped all countries that only say that they are for "socialism" or for "communism". And we rather run to help them (in unlimited amounts). And those countries get drunk on our help and roll away from us. Examples - DARKNESS! The last example is Old Man Lukashenko. Now we have moved away from this, now we have no friends, but there are partners. And most importantly, these are our interests, the interests of our country. And it is right. Therefore, we do business with everyone who is beneficial to us in some way today. How to do it, for example, the USA.

In our world, friendship between states cannot be. Union, yes, and then for a period of common interests. And betraying an ally becomes the rule. And we, because of our mentality (we hope for the best, forgetting the second half of the saying), hit the tail. The truth is sometimes successful.

Of the 12 wars with Turkey, 10 began at the initiative of Russia in favor of the interests of various Balkan brothers ... That’s interesting the Turks and their satellites declared war, robbed the border villages and cities, slaughtered the Slavs into slave markets, then snatched out stars and hid under the English -German wing ... A little of their plague with cholera mowed down and the Ottoman Empire began to crumble and crumbled until the end of World War I. Enter the Turks on the side of the OSI in World War II, Turkey ended in the foothills of Ararat ... Only with the arrival of Ataturk did it begin weight in politics ... Turkey always chose the wrong allies ... Orthodox should return Orthodox !!!

It seems you forgot how the Turks shot down our SU-24 .....

Of the 12 wars with Turkey, 10 began at the initiative of Russia in favor of the interests of various Balkan brothers and were conducted ONLY in the Ottoman Empire, mainly in the Balkans, Wallachia and Crimea. Russian expansion was carried out in the strategic direction of Prut-Dniester-Danube. As a result of the wars between Russia and Turkey, they gained independence: Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro and so on. Georgia became part of Russia, Crimea withdrew to Russia even earlier. There was not a single attack by the Ottoman Empire on the territory of the Russian Empire. Comments like: "Turkey is not our friend," "Peter I said do not believe the drunk and the Turk ..." "Another dagger" and other nonsense and lies are written by a large group of trolls of unknown origin (say so, although it is clear who needs the hostility between Russia and Turkey ), who joined them naive provincials - sofa special forces, as well as Armenians under Russian names and nicknames.

Turks will never be and were not our allies. It is a fact.

Wake up guy. Never before in history have the Turks been our friends. Either opponents or temporarily non-opponents. And believe me, it will never be otherwise. This is history.

Turks will never be and were not our allies. It is a fact.

Who is your comrade-in-arms, these Ottomans, who throughout history have only done what they fought with us and betrayed? They shot down a Russian plane, and were happy about it, until we blocked them with oxygen ?!

why we are glad for any loss by the Turks, but at the same time, Turkey is our closest ally. Double standards, we say one thing in the eye, and a knife behind

Beauties without crushing. Said done

"destroyed" is strong. And what did they themselves say for the terrorists?


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