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In the US, due to bad weather canceled more 5 thousand flights

American carriers have canceled thousands of their flights because of the hurricane wind and rain on the east coast of the United States.

In total, we are talking about the abolition of 5 thousand flights, which in turn brought the airline financial losses in the millions of dollars in this part of airport complexes so far remains closed for the receipt and dispatch of aircraft, and therefore, it is necessary to assume that the number of flights delayed and canceled only continue to grow.

Experts assume that if the situation in the United States does not change in the near future, it can lead to big collapse - for example, it is now known that the "leader" by the number of canceled flights is the carrier "ExpressJet" (canceled flights 116) , And the "leader" in terms of the number of detained flights is the "Delta" air operator (departures were delayed by 821 flights).

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