Fighter F-35 and C-300


F-35 modernized in the USA to combat C-300

The American F-35 fighter is being upgraded specifically to fight the Russian C-300.

According to information provided by the Indian edition of the EurAsian Times, against the background of the supply of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-300PM Favorite to Syria, the United States engaged in the modernization of F-35 fighter jets. The main goal of the modernization is to provide these aircraft with complete invisibility for the C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, and, quite likely, for the Triumph C-400 air defense systems.

“The fact that the Americans were trying to make the plane invisible does not mean that this is true. And not without reason the Pentagon unexpectedly announced the need for additional tests of the F-35 recently. This is clear evidence that the United States itself does not believe in the possibility of F-35 against C-300 air defense systems., - military analysts note.

According to analysts, the only thing that the United States can do is to apply a special coating that reduces the radar visibility of the F-35 fighter jets, or the use of special systems capable of performing such tasks, however, according to experts, today the chances of the American F- 35 stand against the C-300 "Favorite" SAMs remain minimal.

AHA. On autopilot "RITU" put a new additional sound recording. When an aircraft is detected by the C-300 system, a voice alert will be displayed: “You are captured by the C-300 anti-aircraft missile system, we urgently need to eject.” And these are the last words in a female voice that the F-35 and F-22 pilot will hear. Good luck on the road !!! PS This is not a joke. There is some truth in this.


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