Explosion in the air


In the US, they found a way to destroy Russian hypersonic missiles

The United States has a real opportunity to shoot down Russian hypersonic missiles.

To date, the armament of the Russian army has a unique hypersonic weapon, capable of destroying the chosen target in virtually any corner of the planet. Against such a weapon there is no protection and it can not be detected by modern means, but experts believe that in the near future the United States of America will be able to put an end to innovative Russian development.

Last Monday it became known that US President Donald Trump signed a record military budget, which is due to the beginning of the militarization of outer space. For what purposes was the US plan to place their weapons in space means, yet remains unknown, but according to analysts, it is caused primarily by the need to protect Russian hypersonic weapon.

"Modern radars do not track the movement of objects moving at a hypersonic speed, but the Russian arms has one big disadvantage - the output of the latest missile at hypersonic speed, and this also applies to the X-47M2, and" Vanguard "complex, carried out only at the final stage of the flight of missiles, which means that it is possible to detect such objects. Given the availability of such an opportunity, the United States of America can destroy hypersonic missiles only until they are accelerated above the speed in 5 MAX. However, due to the fact that doing so is impossible with modern facilities, the Pentagon decided to fight with the Russian threat from outer space - how it is, so far unknown, but, obviously, we are talking about laser weapons ", - said the analyst Avia.pro.

Considering the fact that in the USA they are actively working on the creation of a powerful laser weapon, it is logical to assume that it is with this fact that militarization of near-Earth space is associated.

So there have already been attempts using a laser in space. Attempts ended in "pshikom".
They want to step on the same rake?

Amerikosy can do anything, they're steeper than aliens.

A real opportunity to shoot a hypersonic missile? The one who writes this, does he understand anything at all in such a technique. Try to bring down the bullet on the fly. All the stupidity of such plans to specialists is quite obvious and no one seriously will not be engaged in such work. This is to calm the American blunt-headed population and no more.

laser clouds, fog afraid ...

As always, the Yankees hope to "shoot down" anything at the dollar. Oh well...